Why I started “The Creative Tusk” Newsletter

Creativity is not just for the creatives. Sure, if you are an artist, performer, or writer - hopefully you have oodles of creativity pouring out of your being. However, even if you are in a "non-creative" field, adopting a creative mindset will enhance your ability to learn new skills, communicate more effectively, and solve thorny problems in unconventional ways. In fact, I would argue that in today's knowledge economy, being creative is a necessary skill to stay relevant and grow in our personal and professional lives.

This newsletter is my attempt to capture some of my thoughts on creativity and developing a creative mindset. I will cover various topics including the science of learning, storytelling, design thinking, and innovation. I don't pretend to be an original thinker, although I believe I can absorb a ton of information and distill it into cohesive, actionable ideas. I hope that helps.

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About me

  • I grew up in Mumbai, India, and then spent most of my adult life in New York City. I recently moved with my wife and son to Basking Ridge, NJ - a sleepy, idyllic, and beautiful town an hour away from NYC.

  • I am the founder and Principal Consultant at Dojo Labs - we provide Learning and Development services for tech enterprises.

  • I am the co-founder of Story Font Studio - a boutique film production studio specializing in documentary-style branded entertainment.

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In "The Creative Tusk" weekly newsletter, I share ideas, anecdotes, and stories on building a creative mindset.


I write about how to develop a creative mindset, covering a range of topics including storytelling, design thinking, science of learning and nature of creativity.